Wee Make Music Early Childhood Music School

Wee Make Music is an Early Childhood Music School with a holistic approach to music education. We offer weekly parent participation music and movement classes for infants, toddlers and young children. We also offer music and movement programs for daycare centres, kindergartens and preschools.

Our Beliefs and Approach

Children are naturally observing and absorbing every facet of their environment. This calls for a holistic way of learning.

This means providing a learning environment that makes way for the children to learn naturally – an environment that addresses the child’s basic developmental needs of movement, exploration, sensory–motor experience, language and stimulating activities that require their involvement.
“Education is not simply about imparting knowledge. Education has to support human development as a continuous process through different phases of life.” (Heyge and Sillick: 1999)

With an underlying belief in a holistic approach to early childhood music education, we have established our program on 2 simple but proven concepts:

  • All children are innately drawn to music.
  • A child’s learning increases significantly when it’s done within an enjoyable and stimulating environment, sensitive to their developmental needs.

Our programs are not about entertaining children with singing and musical games. We are about creating an environment where age appropriate, sensory-based musical activities become the foundation for stimulating and developing fundamental skills.

To achieve this we use language, movement, rhythm and melody in a fun, supportive, social setting. The outcomes are diverse with benefits to the children that extend throughout their growing years.
They are also receiving an excellent foundation for future musical pursuits. In addition, the family as a whole receives tools for building precious relationships and having fun in the  classroom and at home.