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FMT1 (Family Music for Toddlers – level 1): 14mths – approx. 2 yrs.

FMT2(Family Music for Toddlers – level 2 ): 2 yrs 

Musical Activities include: tickle rhymes, circle dances, instrument playing, listening, musical stories, mime, musical appreciation, chair games, movement puppets and props, beat activites and concentration/memory games.

Solo singing is encouraged to develop pitch matching, listening and language skills. 

Parent education is continued throughout classes to deepen the developmental understanding and support classroom activities. Sharing of classroom activities is encouraged at home.

MM (Music Makers): Turning 3 by 30th June current year. 
AMM (Advanced Music Makers): Turning 4 by 30th June current year.

Children learn the elements of music while they create, explore and move.

The first pitched instruments are introduced – glockenspiels and xylophones with some small ensemble and group work.

Activities include: percussion instrument playing, movement, listening and creative imaginary play, concentration and memory games, beat activities, stories, mime, musical concepts and vocabulary, props and puppetry.

Solo singing is encouraged to develop listening, language and pitch matching. Concepts, favourite songs and dances are built upon from Family Music for Toddlers programs and improvisation is introduced.

FMB (Family Music for Babies): - 3 to approx 14 months:  

Musical activities include: massage rhymes, beat activities, floor and chair games, instrument playing, movement, folk dancing. In addition, each class includes parent education on infant musical development and fun activities to share at home.